Mass shootings continue to rise. Sadly, the last five years show school shootings more than doubling in comparison to the fifty-year average. Smart Response Technologies integrates Delphini, Indoor building 3D imagery, and Gunshot detection into one unified active shooter detection dashboard. SRT has partnered with Databuoy, an acoustic gunshot detection and panic button alerting system that is equally effective indoors and outdoors. Databuoy’s sensor notifications, such as alarms and video feeds, are incorporated into Delphini, which shaves off precious response time by alerting dispatch and responders minutes before a 911 call is made. Indoor building 3D imagery integrates with Delphini through a standards-based feature layer. Indoor captures building interiors with a 360-degree imaging camera, with labels identifying objects such as CCTV cameras, emergency exits, utility shutoffs, and hazards. By pairing with Databuoy’s security acoustic detector, dispatchers and responders are also able to instantly view and roam within a building to fully inform their live threat response.