Emergency Communications Centers


Ease demand on dispatchers with emergency command communication software designed to simplify radio transmissions. Continually increasing 911 calls nationwide and the advent of NextGen911, a record 230M in 2020, contribute to a stressful work environment for dispatchers, leading to increasing burnout and high rates of turnover. Dispatchers have the 13th most stressful job in America with a 40% higher national turnover rate within EMS personnel. The growing volume of 911 calls creates a demand for dispatchers to prioritize calls rapidly and efficiently. Delphini allows the user to monitor multiple radios at once in one simplified dashboard. Real-time voice to text transcription with customizable keyword highlight combined with spatially separated audio increases comprehension by 70%. The keyword highlight draws attention to critical words or phrases to decrease missed transmissions such as ‘Mayday’ or ‘Shots Fired’. Furthermore, with our enhanced artificial intelligence, the transcription model can highlight “predictor” words that provide early warnings for a potential greater problem. In combination with the Communications Dashboard, Delphini provides a dynamic, location-based mapping solution.