Delphini is the public safety industry’s first transcription product specially designed for dispatchers and call takers.

Delphini is a customizable cloud-based AI-powered SaaS platform utilizing patented technology to provide accurate speech-to-text transcription of multi-channel radio transmissions and 911 calls in real-time.

Delphini eliminates miscommunication during emergency situations when timely responses are critical to saving lives and keeping communities safer. No more second-guessing or asking for important details to be repeated.

Delphini is revolutionizing emergency communications centers. Case Studies show this ground-breaking technology increases audio comprehension by transcribing with as much as 90% accuracy, especially when the AI model is customized. It can even decipher mumbling and non-native English speaker accents.

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Customizing Delphini’s AI model specific to your location is accomplished through cooperation with SRT’s technical team. Corrective transcript reports are submitted online by customers through a user-friendly error-reporting feature enabling SRT to consistently make corrections and adjustments to the AI database improving Delphini’s transcription accuracy.

Delphini’s installation process is easy and works with either an analog or digital system. However, a digital connection is direct and minimizes signal loss, greatly improving the clarity of a voice and enabling Delphini to optimize performance. SRT partners with customers to manage and ensure a quality install.

Delphini was developed by SRT in cooperation with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio with a $5M Federal investment. SRT has the exclusive commercial licensing rights to Delphini and markets the product nationwide to emergency communications centers, correction facilities, event management companies, and security providers for courthouses, corporations, and academic campuses.


  • Complementary mobile app
  • Customizable phrases and keyword highlighting
  • Automatic notifications to team members during critical situations
  • Multi-channel radio monitoring
  • 3D spatial audio
  • Quick playback of past transmissions
  • Live mapping updates


  • Reduces stress and burnout
  • Boosts job confidence and competency
  • Improves efficiency
  • Leads to better decisions and quicker actions
  • Enables more coordinated and faster response times
  • Keeps communities and first responders safer

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