Event Management


Create event emergency plans, activate real-time response, and conduct after-action review with a single integrated event emergency management software. Post assessment reports of major incidents consistently reference a lack of training and preparation. Delphini provides a collaborative space where users can coordinate and create plans specific to an event. These plans can be used in training exercises or easily deployed in seconds to effectively manage events in real time. Once activated, this operational plan updates users in real time to ensure coordinated responses from the command center to the responders in the field. At the conclusion of the event, Delphini saves the operational plan for further after-action review and training. IOS and Android smartphones display Delphini to reduce radio traffic through user location, messaging, and turn-by-turn directions routing to exact unit assignment (e.g., roadblock versus the dispatch to a single address). Mobile Delphini users can display and playback radio transcriptions/voice spurts for one channel at a time, be alerted to keywords such as ‘shots fired’, ‘mayday’, or ‘pursuit’, and stay updated with what is happening during an event.


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