Enhancing Public Safety Communication Through Live Transcription

CONTACT: Milan Mueller, CMO, Milan.Mueller@smartresponsetech.com

Dayton, Ohio – The Dayton area is now home to Veteran owned, Smart Response Technologies (SRT). SRT is dedicated to developing public safety software that helps first responders protect and save lives. Delphini, SRT’s patented communication technology, delivers a unique intelligence platform focused on improving comprehension and supporting quick and efficient emergency response.

SRT was created by an elite team of entrepreneurs with backgrounds serving public safety that have taught them about responding as quickly and efficiently as possible. This team was brought together by the motivation to continue to make improvements in the pursuit of completing the mission in the quickest and most efficient manner. SRT formed a strong relationship with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) where we are able to work together and commercialize patented communication software to serve the Public Safety community. Through this relationship, SRT’s Delphini was created.

Delphini optimizes public safety response through the integration of mapping and communication software with sensor technology. These capabilities save valuable minutes when responding to events by alerting responders before a 911 call is made. Delphini helps responders by improving radio communication through near real time transcription, spatially separated audio, and customizable keyword highlight. This combination increases comprehension and reduces the likelihood of critical transmissions being missed. Live transcription supports dispatchers improving their “radio ear” by providing the ability to see and hear each transmission with the ability to playback a past message.

“At its core, Delphini is an intelligence platform correlating audio, visual, and location data to optimize response,” said Roger Mann, CEO & Founder of SRT. “What’s more, the system is compatible with any existing hardware and software for seamless integration into a responder’s daily workflow, whether it be on a tablet, a vehicle’s mobile data terminal, a large screen computer or even a smart phone. It is as useful to a small department as it is to large jurisdictions, providing critical decision support before, during, and after an event.”
At a time when stress levels and staff shortages are high, Delphini helps dispatchers prioritize incoming calls based on immediate need and severity while supporting correct and efficient communication from dispatcher to commander to the responder in the field.


For more information on Smart Response Technologies, please visit smartresponesetech.com